English Classes

Activity-Driven English Classes

Parents reach out to us with all sorts of concerns when it comes to their child’s performance in English. Almost all of them eventually boil down to one central issue: the child’s interest in the language. 
Word Art
Our curriculum actively engages students and helps develop language skills to levels beyond the scope of a typical school syllabus or a classroom environment. The course structure focuses less on lecture and more on activities in order to generate interest and improve retention. Here’s a sampling of the activities we deploy regularly in our classes:

Speaking: Role Play, Just a Minute, Advertisements, Declamation, Recitation 
Letter/Poetry/Script writing, Book Review, Paraphrasing
Book Review, Analyze the Character, Story Retelling
Spelling Bee, Flashcards, What’s the Good Word?
Videos, Transcription, Online tasks

Let your child develop a passion for English communication! Let them speak, write, read, and listen. Let them love the language!

Talk to us to find out how our methodology can help improve your child’s English language skills.